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At Leaving A Legacy, this year has been filled with inspiring initiatives, meaningful partnerships, and significant milestones! 

From launching our new app for activists and changemakers to partnering with grassroots organisations driving change, 2023 has been a year of impact! 

As we reflect on all we have achieved this year, we couldn’t be more grateful for our small but mighty team, as well as our incredible online community of supporters from near and far who share our mission. 

As we gear up for an even more impactful 2023, here are a few highlights from this past year: 

Leaving a Legacy App

One of our most exciting milestones this year was the launch of our Leaving a Legacy app! This digital platform is a hub for environmental activism, offering resources, event updates, and a community space for like-minded individuals. 

The positive response from our users has been overwhelming, and we’re excited to introduce new features in the coming year.


Transformative Climate Workshop Series

We kicked off the year with our Transformative Climate Workshop Series, aimed at fostering community-centric approaches to building climate resilience and taking meaningful climate action, in communities throughout Kenya.

At the heart of each workshop is a local community, where passionate individuals gather to learn, collaborate, and drive change. We believe that the power to create a sustainable future lies within these communities.

These workshops, led by our East African Project Coordinator, Geoffrey Mboya, have been a melting pot of ideas, sparking conversations and inspiring actions.


Take a closer look at a few of our recent workshops: 

Waste to Wealth Workshop

This particular workshop was centred around ‘Creating Wealth from Waste’ and we explored inspiring and innovative strategies to tackle the growing waste management crisis in a way that supports community needs, creates livelihoods and cleans our environment. 

Saving Green Spaces to Serve Communities

Urban green spaces, including community gardens, parks, and allotments, play a crucial role in enhancing the quality of life for city dwellers and have numerous benefits for both individuals and the environment. 

It’s so important to bring together the youth empowerment and environmental protection sectors to support and empower young people to engage with their green spaces and nature, which is exactly what this workshop focused on. 


Restoring Mangroves with Brain Youth Group 

Earlier this year, we hosted a planting day with one of our partner organisations in Kenya, Brain Youth Group. We planted 2000 trees! 

 Brain Youth Group is a community organisation based along Tudor Creek in Mombasa, Kenya. They are committed to restoring all mangrove-degraded areas around Tudor Creek while creating employment opportunities for women and youth and reducing poverty. 

Mangrove forests are incredibly important ecosystems that provide numerous benefits to people, wildlife, and the planet as a whole. From providing vital habitats and a source of livelihood for local communities, to reducing the effects of climate change and extreme weather events – our world would not be the same without mangroves. 

Every tree planted matters! 

Community Clean-Ups with Safisha Saturdays

We teamed up with Safisha Saturdays for a community clean-up. Over 60 volunteers came together contributing their time and effort to collect 50 bags of waste, totaling 580kg. This initiative not only cleaned our surroundings but also raised awareness about the importance of environmental stewardship.


Africa Climate Summit Participation

2023 was also the year we made our mark at the Africa Climate Summit in Nairobi. This event brings together leaders, innovators, and climate change advocates to discuss climate challenges and solutions, share ideas and drive change to promote a greener future for all! 

The theme of this year’s summit is “Driving Green Growth and Climate Finance Solutions for Africa and the World”. 

Africa faces severe climate-related challenges, including drought, desertification, and increasing cyclones, leading to displacement, migration, and food crises. The continent is also disproportionately affected by the global temperature rise and is projected to experience escalating physical climate risks. The African Climate Summit has a core focus on fostering a narrative shift away from a division between the Global North and the Global South in addressing the climate crisis. 


Looking forward 

As we reflect on these achievements, we’re filled with gratitude for our partners, volunteers, and the entire Leaving a Legacy community. Your support and dedication have been the driving force behind our success.

We’re looking forward to stepping into 2024, ready to create even more positive change!

Join us in this journey. Follow, support, and download our app to leave a lasting legacy.