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Corporate Solutions

A corporate partnership that’s great for your business, and great for the planet!

Build Your Businesses Legacy Today

We can support your business to meet your sustainability goals by developing and funding biodiversity and climate resilience projects, that restore and conserve areas that need it most.

Step into a world where sustainability isn’t just a buzzword—it’s a badge of honor. At Leaving a Legacy, we’re rewriting the narrative on environmental responsibility, one tree at a time.

In a sea of greenwashing and half-hearted eco-efforts, Leaving a Legacy stands tall as a beacon of authenticity. We’re not just planting trees; we’re nurturing trust, transparency, and a genuine connection with your audience.

Our mission isn’t just about offsetting carbon; it’s about planting the seeds of integrity that will blossom into a Legacy that lasts beyond our generation and a Legacy your customers and stakeholder will be proud to have supported.

As a forward-thinking business, you're already making efforts to reduce your environmental footprint. Now, let's take that commitment one step further—together.

Embrace flexibility with our range of tailored restoration and resilience project options. Whether you’re looking to add a leafy touch to your checkout process, transform your workforce into climate heroes, or commit to a steady rhythm of nature restoration & climate resilience, we’ve got the perfect fit for your brand.


Create a climate positive workforce by planting trees for the whole organisation.

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Lighten the impact of your logstics. Plant trees to offset shipping.

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Plant a tree for each item sold and create lasting impact.

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Stand out in a conscious world: Showcase your commitment to sustainability whilst fostering meaningful engagement and real impact

Rise above the noise and showcase your commitment to sustainability with our certification and exclusive partner badge.

Forge deeper connections with your audience by sharing the story of your environmental journey—a story rooted in trust, transparency, and genuine impact.

Ready to make waves, not just ripples? Let’s chat about how we can help you leave a legacy that speaks volumes. Reach out today.

What you get...

Planting Assets

Gain access to an array of resources from our planting sites, comprising captivating images,  videos, geo-locations of your trees and inspiring stories.

Upon reaching your tree-planting milestone, receive a personalized video showcasing the site’s progress!

Planting Certificate

Receive an official Leaving a Legacy tree planting certificate and out digital partner badge as a token of appreciation for your contribution to reforestation endeavors.

It’s our gesture of gratitude, and a tangible symbol for you to demonstrate your impact to your employees, users, and beyond.

Coming Soon!

Soon you’ll be able to gain access to your personalized business dashboard and witness the growth of your impact firsthand.

Explore meaningful statistics, visual assets captured from our planting sites, and a myriad of other features designed to streamline your sustainability journey with us.

Ready to make waves, not just ripples? Let’s chat about how we can help you leave a legacy that speaks volumes. Reach out today.

Partnering with Leaving a Legacy ensures your Legacy for a lifetime.

Tree planting is a nuanced endeavor, demanding precision and dedication. At Leaving a Legacy, we’ve honed our craft through collaboration with local stakeholders, experts, and communities to excel in our mission.

That’s why we:

  • Curate a team of forestry experts to oversee and maintain transparency across our planting sites.
  • Exclusively plant endemic and non-invasive native species to preserve biodiversity.
  • Prioritise restoration and conservation over afforestation.
  • Reject monocultures, recognizing their limited ecological value.
  • Ensure land ownership by local communities, fostering and guaranteeing sustainable stewardship for generations.
  • Regularly check on our trees to monitor survival rates and forecast for replanting requirements.
  • Ensure projects deliver both environemental and social benefits to the local community.
  • Vigrously vet all projects and planting partners to ensure the highest standards are mantained.
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Trust that your trees will be cared for and reach their full life.

Before embarking on any project, we conduct a rigorous vetting process to ensure the utmost integrity and alignment with our values. This includes on-site inspections by our dedicated team in Kenya, who meticulously verify all documentation related to land ownership and compliance with usage regulations.

We take pride in partnering exclusively with projects that deliver exceptional environmental and social benefits, prioritizing initiatives that empower communities and foster sustainable development. From employing widowed women to spearheading conservation education in local schools, our commitment to holistic impact sets us apart from larger tree planting companies.

Unlike our competitors, we’ve invested in establishing our own team on the ground in Kenya, allowing us to intimately understand each project and the communities they serve, without relying on third-party assessments.

Holistic benefits of planting trees

By thinking of Trees in a more holistic way, we can ensure that every £ spent on the Trees, is delivering a wider measurable suite of impacts in local communities.

Food Security

Biodiversity &
Ecosystem Restoration

Economic Opportunity
(Job Creation, Income Creation)

Water Security

Regenerative Agriculture

Reviving Cities
& Recreation