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Mkupe Mangroves

The Mkupe Mangrove porject is spearheaded by the women-led Blue Earth Organinastion, a community organization based along the Mkupe Conservancy area, in Mombasa, Kenya.

The project's vision is to create a resilient and sustainable coastal ecosystem in Mombasa, Kenya, where mangroves thrive, women are empowered, and communities are economically independent.

Blue Earth Organization is dedicated to championing climate justice, gender equality, and biodiversity preservation in Mombasa, Kenya.

Through grassroots activism and strategic partnerships, we work tirelessly to restore mangroves, empower women, and foster sustainable futures for coastal communities.

The project aims to diversify economic opportunities, enhance environmental education, and promote sustainable tourism in Mkupe, fostering economic independence, environmental stewardship, and local tourism growth.

Objectives include:

  • Restore Mangroves: Plant 100,000 mangrove seedlings in the Mkupe Conservancy area, covering 10 hectares, to preserve the coastal ecosystem and mitigate climate change effects.
  • Empower Women: Establish 10 beehives to create sustainable income opportunities for community members in Mkupe, promoting economic independence and resilience.
  • Educate Local Communities: Conduct workshops and awareness campaigns in local schools to educate students on the importance of environmental protection and foster environmental stewardship.


The preservation of mangroves not only safeguards coastal ecosystems but also serves as a crucial defense against climate change impacts such as rising sea levels and extreme weather events.

By empowering women as stewards of their environment and providing sustainable livelihood opportunities, we not only enhance local economies but also foster inclusive and resilient communities.

Our commitment to sustainable practices and community engagement reflects our belief in a future where environmental conservation, social equity, and economic prosperity are intricately intertwined, ensuring a harmonious coexistence between humanity and nature for generations to come.

mangroves planted with the support of local, international and individual donors

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