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Are you passionate about making a positive impact on the planet? Do you believe in the power of collective action to drive change? Look no further – Leaving a Legacy is here to empower you on your climate action journey.

Join the Movement for a Greener Future!

Empowering a global community of changemakers to connect, innovate, and take meaningful action for our planet and its people.

Our platform equips changemakers with resources to mobilize change, create climate resilience in their local communities and facilitate collaboration with projects and organizations leading positive global impact.

Key Features


Connect and Collaborate

Join a vibrant community of passionate individuals who share your commitment to sustainability and positive change. Connect with fellow changemakers, exchange ideas, and discover exciting collaboration opportunities.


Resource Library

Access a treasure trove of resources, guides, and actionable insights that will equip you with the knowledge and tools needed to mobilize change effectively.


Campaigns and Projects

Stay up-to-date with ongoing projects and campaigns dedicated to environmental and social betterment. Be part of something bigger by lending your support or contributing your expertise.


Inspiring Content

Dive into a hub of inspiring and educational content that will fuel your enthusiasm for earth-conscious living. Discover stories of change, practical tips, and thought-provoking insights, and share your own!


Why Choose Leaving a Legacy App?

For those who see climate action as a calling, Leaving a Legacy App is your digital ally.

Here, we’re not just about individual actionsβ€”we’re about leveraging the collective power of connections. Within our community, every member gains access to a library of resources that inform and empower. From the local groundswell to the global momentum, we offer the vehicle to create change.

Our app is where networks forge new pathways, and where your initiatives have the capacity to spark a legacy of environmental stewardship on both a hyper-local and international stage.

Building Bridges in Our Community

At Leaving a Legacy App, we understand the significance of strong networks in driving sustainable change. Our platform is designed as a fertile ground for connections, facilitating alliances with seasoned activists, green tech innovators, and local heroes making a real difference. It’s a place where your next collaboration could be with a neighbour or with an organization across the globe. “I’ve been able to partner with incredible minds to drive our conservation efforts,” says [User Name], a testament to the collaborative spirit we foster.

Creating Waves of Change Through Campaigns and Projects

Change starts with a single ripple and becomes a wave. Leaving a Legacy App empowers you to initiate and participate in environmental campaigns that resonate with your vision. Whether it’s a neighbourhood tree-planting project or a large-scale clean energy initiative, our platform amplifies your efforts. Here, you’re not just joining projects; you’re catalyzing them. Shape and share your own campaigns, draw on the collective expertise of the community, and push for meaningful environmental victories, both within walking distance and across borders.

Join us on our mission as we address our planet’s most pressing challenges