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About Us

Imagine a world where every citizen puts Nature first, and maintains the necessary balance of sustaining human life without disturbing and compromising the natural world.

Our core aim is to restore, protect and promote the flourishing of the earth’s trees, seas and species.

Leaving A Legacy was founded to support grass route initiatives around the world that are working to solve and service our planet’s ever growing challenges (Carbon Emissions, Sustainable Development, Environment Degradation, Habitat and Wildlife loss).

We believe that to halt Biodiversity Loss, and restore that which is gone, is one of the strongest and multi-faceted tools to save our planet.

Strong ecosystems provide homes for a multitude species, but equally when managed by the right people, also provides a way to create economic opportunity whilst cultivating stewards for those same ecosystems.

Our focus areas

We partner with organisations across the world, whose mission is to preserve the existing biodiverse ecosystems. By ensuring that what nature has already built is maintained we not only preserve this legacy for future human generations but generations of all types of species who inhabit this planet.

Restoration is the next frontier of action to halt Climate Change and biodiversity loss. We work closely with well-vetted projects, typically run and managed by local communities, to ensure that we are rebuilding the blocks of nature that have been lost, and rebuilding ecosystems so that they may continue to support generations to come

How it works

LAL is a profit for purpose organisation.
100% of our profits go directly to these projects.

1. Sign up to a
Legacy Plan

2. Track your impact
within our App

3. Engage with a
like-minded community
of Nature enthusiasts

4. Fund further
restoration work
if/when you like

How do we use your money?

Trees Planted So Far

100% of your money goes directly to funding these planet saving projects. Included with project costs are any incurred transaction fees carried out on your behalf. Our operational costs such as marketing, staff and tech are covered through ‘operational partners’ who support these costs as part of a unique resource model we have.

If you would like to learn more about how we utilise your funds or where, when and how we are engaging with projects, you can review our open ledgers within our App. These show a view of our Financials, evidence of our restoration and preservation work with partners and much more.

Our team is comprised of genuinely gifted minds

Nimisha Brahmbhatt

CEO & Impact Officer

Geoffrey Mboya

Country Project Coordinator – Kenya

Benjamin Kaufmann

Chief Technology Officer

Bansri Dattani

Content Producer

Wendy Bonham-Carter

Chief Marketing Officer

Savannah Lee-Warden

Social Media Manager

Join us on our mission as we address our planet’s most pressing challenges


Join the movement for a better world. Our educational resources help you learn new habits, support ethical brands and discover simple ways to contribute towards a healthy planet.

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Engage your employees, customers and local community in a meaningful way by supporting conservation and regeneration. Our partnerships help generate sustainable impacts for years to come.

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