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Tudor Creek Mangroves

Tudor Creek projects Mangroves is spearheaded by Brain Youth Group, a community organization based along Tudor Creek in Mombasa, Kenya.

The Vision of BYG is to restore all of the mangrove degraded areas around Tudor Creek and create employment for youths and women.

The mission of BYG is working for the sustainable development of Mombasa county by providing alternative sources of income while preserving the environment.

BYG’s main goal is restoring Tudor Creek mangrove forests as a way of reducing poverty, unemployment and malnutrition in MombasaCounty. BYG’s main activities consist of mangrove conservation, fish farming, bee keeping, education and awareness raising, and beach clean ups.

Objectives include:

  • To plant mangroves on degraded sites at Tudor Creek and to reduce the threats causing reduction to mangrove forest in Mombasa County;
  • Educating and creating awareness to the local community living around mangrove forest areas on the importance of conserving them;
  • To create employment to the youths and women through constructing fish ponds and keeping bee hives inside the mangroves to get honey.


The community ownership of the project will constantly be encouraged in order to ensure its long- term sustainability.

The fish rearing business will generate income that will provide financial sustainability and job opportunities, while the training will ensure that local members of the communities will gain the necessary skills and abilities to maintain the projects.

This project will be an important stepping stone that will help BYG in reaching one of its main goals: the restoration of 700 ha of mangrove forests in Tudor Creek area.

mangroves planted with the support of local, international and individual donors

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