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Trash for Trees

Join the Trash to Trees Challenge 

Transforming Our World, One Bag at a Time! 

Celebrate our beautiful planet by cleaning your community!

Join us in removing litter from your community streets, parks, and beaches! 

For every bag of trash collected, we will plant a tree, turning today’s waste into tomorrow’s forests. 


The Challenge 

We challenge you to keep a trash bag with you and clean up any community spaces that are in need! 

Why Join Us?

Every piece of litter you pick up helps prevent harm to our wildlife and ecosystems and contributes to a cleaner, healthier environment for all.

By joining the “Trash to Trees” challenge, you’re not just cleaning up; you’re laying down roots for future generations and making your community safer for all.

Sign up

Whether you’re flying solo, with friends, or as part of an organization, your contribution is vital.

Get the App*

Download your clean-up checklist and safety guidelines.

Collect & Count

Gather your bags of litter. Remember, every bag counts towards planting a new tree.

Report back

Let us know how many bags you’ve collected by posting in the App group or tagging us on social media.

*Don’t want to download out App? No problem. Simply download the cleanup guide from the bottom of the page and tag us in a post, with your trash, on instagram to get your tree(s) planted.


In addition to planting a tree for every bag of litter collected, we’ll also be registering all bags collected with Earth Day’s Great Global Clean Up so your efforts have the biggest possible impact.

Need help getting started? Our clean-up guide offers tips on selecting a location, what to bring, and how to safely dispose of collected litter. Plus, downloadable promotional materials to spread the word in your community.

With each bag of litter collected and every tree planted, we’re not just cleaning up our communities — we're investing in a greener, more sustainable future.

Sign up today and be a part of a global movement dedicated to leaving a lasting legacy for our planet.

Your safety is our priority. Please follow our health and safety guidelines, which can be downloaded from our app to ensure a safe and effective clean-up for everyone involved.

Download the App

We ehave a dedicated group within our app for this initiative. within the group, you’ll find our resource and safety guides and can also connect with fellow participants. The App is available for download on iOS and Android. 

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Sign up without the App

If you can’t or simply don’t want to download our app then don’t worry. Click the button below and download the guide so you can get started. Just remember to tag us in a post on instagram with your trash, so we can include your bags in the count.

Dwonload the guide