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Leveraging the power of community-led grassroot initiatives to deliver high impact projects.

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Leaving A Legacy Projects


Tudor Creek Mangroves

Intitiative focuing on enhancing Mariculture development and Mangrove conservation through the restoration of mangrove degraded areas and creating employment for the community whilst engaging them in activities associated with environment conservation.

Focus: Mariculture Regeneration & Carbon Mitigation

Kakamega Reforestation

This intitiative is focused on rehabiltating Kenya’s only tropical rainforest through reforestation and community engagement via education and creating income generating programs to support the community financially and holistically.

Focus: Biodiversity Regeneration & Community Resilience

How we select our partner projects


We select project partners and the initiatives we support based on the following criteria to ensure they are highly effective and sustainable:

  • The initiatives are run by grass root organisations that are managed and operate locally to the communities they serve
  • The organisations or individuals running the initiatives are experienced and have a good track record of implementing effective environmental initiatives.
  • The initiatives elicit the involvement and support of local communities
  • The initiatives have a positive and sustainable impact environmentally, socially and economically in the communities they serve
  • The initiatives target areas that are in highest need of resilience to climate change

How to get involved


Join as an organisation

Our aligned value programs offer businesses an opportunity to contribute and engage with projects that provide both environmental benefits and direct social impact.

Join as an individual

Leaving a Legacy offers a unique opportunity for individuals to contribute towards climate mitigation through our unique gift boxes. Treat yourself or the people you love, whilst creating a positive environmental and social impact.