Green Generation Initiative

Nyeri, Kenya
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Green Generation Initiative is an initiative that was founded in 2016 by Elizabeth Wanjiru Wathuti; a recipient of Wangari Maathai scholarship award, with an aim of addressing the global environmental challenges that she identified with since childhood such as deforestation, climate change and pollution.

The initiative focuses on nurturing young environmental enthusiasts through greening schools, environmental education, addressing food insecurity by planting fruit trees and establishing food forests, as well as inculcating a tree growing culture for forest cover increment through adopt a tree campaign. 

So far, over 20,000 school children have been trained to be environmentally conscious, the program has also facilitated the planting of over 30,000 tree seedlings in schools which include fruit trees to help facilitate school feeding programs for food security, all with a 98% survival rate. 

Generation Initiative has a team of over 50 volunteers who are all passionate environmentalists and is so far working with 35 schools spread across 7 counties in Kenya.



  • Nurturing young people through greening schools, environmental education and mentorship. 
  • Inculcating a tree growing culture among people for forest cover increment through ‘adopt a tree campaign.
  • Establishing food forests by planting mixed fruit trees species in schools for food security

  • Building capacity in volunteerism. 

  • Our impact has so far reached to 7 counties (Nyeri, Nairobi, Machakos, Kiambu, Makueni, Murang’a, Laikipia) 
  • We have been able to train and impact over 20,000 students through our environmental education training program. 
  • We are currently working with 35 schools (7 high schools and 28 primary schools)  
  • Through the ‘Adopt a tree campaign’, over 30,000 tree seedlings have been planted in the schools that we work with and all with a 98% survival rate as students help tender the trees they adopt.



  • It will enhance the climate of a school (the climate of a school is predictive of the level of engagement of the school community; parents, teachers, students, management).
  • Children will have a deeper appreciation and love for nature which will create an interactive learning environment; (as it is good for their mental health, environment and growth). 
  • It will enhance students’ active participation in taking care of their environment in school, at home and in their local communities towards building highly responsible and environmentally conscious future leaders.
  • Linking students with ongoing national environmental conservation activities, events, opportunities and competitions that they can participate in and benefit from.
  • Beautiful environment from the plants and alternative nutritional values from fruit trees.

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