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1-Billion-4-1-Billion programme


Over the next 30 years we want to restore One Billion hectares across the planet, with a view to represent the roles of Trees in creating true environmental and social impact. 

We already know the power of Trees against the fight for a warming climate, however in the growing impetus of utilizing Trees as a weapon against climate change, we are losing the holistic benefits that well managed Tree Planting programes can deliver on a Social, Economic and Environmental scale.


Holistic benefits of tree planting…

Trees 4 Food Security

Trees 4 Biodiversity & Ecosystem Restoration

Trees 4 Economic Opportunity (Job Creation, Income Creation)

Trees 4 Water Security

Trees 4 Regenerative Agriculture

Trees 4 Reviving Cities and Recreation

 By thinking of Trees in a more holistic way, we can ensure that every £ spent on the Trees, is delivering a wider measurable suite of impacts in local communities.  

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