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A world where every citizen puts Nature first, and maintains the necessary balance of sustaining human life without disturbing and compromising the natural world.


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Leaving A Legacy was founded to support grass route initiatives around the world that are working to solve and service our planet’s ever growing challenges (Carbon Emissions, Sustainable Development, Environment Degradation, Habitat and Wildlife loss).

Our core aim is to restore, protect and promote the flourishing of the earth’s trees, seas and species. 

How we do it


Sourcing projects and project partners

Sourcing funding by matching project partners with funding partners

Project planning and management

Impact measurement

Community building and fundraising

LAL is a profit for purpose organisation.
100% of our profits go directly to these projects. 

Trees planted so far

School Of Sustainability


To showcase the true value of Enterprise in Societal change, we utilise the School of Sustainability as a revenue-generating vehicle, working with entrepreneurs and change Makers of the Future.

We educate communities, entrepreneurs and everyday citizens to overcome the inertia of Climate Action and support them in leveraging advancing technologies (Data Science, AI, Machine Learning, Robotics) and systems (Close-Loop Economies, Disruptive business Models, Social Enterprise) to address core Climate challenges within their communities, both in the short and long term.

The revenue generated from The School of Sustainability will be directed into grass route initiatives around the world that are actively implementing solutions to those same challenges demonstrating what we believe is the REAL value of education and enterprise.

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Our aligned value programs offer businesses an opportunity to contribute and engage with projects that provide both environmental benefits and direct social impact.

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Leaving a Legacy offers a unique opportunity for individuals to contribute towards climate mitigation through our unique gift boxes. Treat yourself or the people you love, whilst creating a positive environmental and social impact.